ESTERI – La farmacia egiziana e la farmacia Italiana di Mourad El-sayed

First i thank Felice Guerriero for acceptance my request for getting in contact with italian pharmacists,

I have many thoughts and want to know alot about pharmacy all over the world so i want to make acomparison with the help of any one of you about pharmacy in egypt and in italy ok lets start pharmacy in egypt we can say that in the college we know alot in medical and manufacture field in pharmacy and studing it is very very enjoyable but in the work field first you can be acommunity pharmacist by starting anew one and this costs from 70000 to 10000 egyptian pounds or buying an preexisting one by 250000 pounds or working in company for medicine and drugs by salaries ranges from 2500 pound to 5500 pounds as in epico company as amedical reprsentative or work in the factory and this is the best job for me for asalary ranges fromm 900 pound to …… according to your efficiency in egypt pharmacy provides you the ability to lead ahappy live to be rich if you own apharmacy with good salary ranges from 20000 to 30000 pound but the bad thing that people donnot consider apharmacist as adoctor or health team member and physians some time make laugh of him and scorn him a pharmacist doesnnot have the right to be manager of hospital doesnnot have the right to give a intravenous injection and many things but apharmacist can get adiploma in microbiology and open alaboratory for medical tests.

Mourad El-sayed


Per prima cosa ringrazio Felice Guerriero per aver accettato la mia richiesta per entrare in contatto con i farmacisti italiani.


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